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Gavin McInnes Women's March Stan Collins

Gavin McInnes, Women’s March: Idiots duped by Muslim con artist

So I’ve been thinking about the Women’s march that took place a few days ago and, honestly, I’m still not sure I understand what the point of it was. Surely, I can’t be the only person that was a bit confused about the concept of this “protest.” Was this a march for women’s rights or against Donald Trump? What rights do women not have again? Did Trump have a special speech that I happened to miss that suggested he would be taking away women’s rights? All week there have been questions over this kind of bizarre spectacle that involved so many people. I didn’t dare comment on Facebook posts praising the event, but I must say, I was pretty surprised that I didn’t see more people raise questions over the concept of this march. I was starting to think that I would never gain any insight into this seemingly unnecessary event that took place..

..And then I saw this video by Gavin McInnes, Women’s March: Idiots duped by Muslim con artist.

As a big fan of Gavin McInnes, I expected to see some sort of video or article on this massive event. What I didn’t expect was a video that managed to explain exactly what this march was about. I admit, much of this video will likely be pretty offensive to some people, however, the points that are made and the case that is presented is rock solid.

As always, I welcome debate..

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