Girlfriend For The Day – Stan Collins

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stan collins girlfriend for the day

Girlfriend For The Day – Stan Collins

It was around 1pm on a Saturday afternoon when I reluctantly rolled myself out of bed for a business meeting at Hula’s Modern Tiki. I was restless, and drunk, and tired from a long night of excess. Indeed, the debauchery continued well into the morning and I had gotten only a handful of hours as a result of it. I didn’t bother with a shower. Instead, I splashed cold and then warm water onto my face and rolled up the depleted toothpaste packet in an attempt to squeeze out one last drop. Success. After throwing on a clean henley and a pair of shorts I found crumpled in the corner, I ran out to my truck and began my day.


I was running several minutes late which was not unusual. I’m known for many things; unfortunately, timeliness is not one of them. When I arrived, I immediately noticed a friend from the studio and shook his hand. I scanned the room for my business partner and eventually found him at the bar. As I approached, I noticed that he was talking to a girl that was also seated at the bar, but with one seat in between them. I walked up and embraced my partner. He then introduced me to the girl and mentioned that she was visiting from Chicago. I assumed they knew each other and took the seat in the middle. In my brief exchange with the girl who’s name I immediately forgot, I noticed that she was very attractive. Her skin was tan and exotic. Her smile was broad and genuine. I didn’t take much time to examine her before turning to my partner, but I had no idea what her race or background was. I assumed some sort of mixture, but of what, I had no idea.


Every now and then, conversation would shift from my partner and I to the three of us. We never explicitly said what we were there to meet for but she could tell that it was exciting. She told us about how she was in town from Chicago on a solo trip. She was planning on moving to San Diego; but for some reason, she decided to vacation in Scottsdale. My partner went to the restroom and I turned my attention to the girl. “So let me get this straight, you are by yourself on a four day trip to Scottsdale, and at a bar in the middle of the day with no plans?”


“Yeah, that about sums it up,” she said with that signature gorgeous smile that she had flashed earlier. “Fascinating,” I responded. “Well I suppose that means you are free to grab a margarita at a different place after this then?” We quickly exchanged numbers and when my partner returned, we all carried on as if nothing had changed. The back and forth from small talk to business wore me. The glass of water and the bowl of lobster bisque that sat in front of me worked to revitalize my sore and aching body; but I was far from a sober and responsible state. Nonetheless, I persisted. Eventually, the official meeting was over and I walked the stunning exotic beauty out of the tiki bar and to my truck. On the way out, I caught the eye of the fellow that I had first interacted with when arriving at the bar. He shot me a look of approval and admiration as I exited the building, head held high.


As we arrived at Loca Patron for midday margaritas, I took a moment to look over the gorgeous creature that I found myself with. She seemed some mixture of Asian and Spanish; although her mannerisms were that of a white girl. We sat and drank and conversed, all while bouncing between long moments of staring deeply into each other’s eyes and looking far away. Eventually, our eyes always found their way back to one another’s. I found myself falling deeper into her grasp as time went on. My typical scheme of asking questions and feigning excitement was rendered useless as she seemed to flip the frame and use my tactics against me. I found myself responding more than initiating and the result of each segment of conversation was that I felt more and more enthralled with her.

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She was full of questions and each answer that I gave only served to strengthen our attraction. I could feel her fascination grow as I told my story through her subtle interrogation. Small to mid talk eventually turned serious abruptly when she asked, “So you seem to be having a great time in this town, but are you not interested in having a partner?” By partner, she obviously meant girlfriend, and although I had indeed put some thought into that particular subject, I pretended to not know what she was talking about and dodged the question.


She let it go for a while; but eventually, she brought it up again. This time, I attempted to give a sincere answer. “Well, the thing about this town is,” I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts. “It’s all about the moment. Sure, people get into relationships, but that doesn’t seem to mean much to most people in this town. I’m not opposed to getting into something serious; but to tell you the truth, I am a bit scared. I’ve seen what the girlfriends of decent men do when no one is watching. I’ve witnessed extraordinary scenes involving heart broken friends and guilty partners that resulted in police cars and ambulances. I’ve heard countless tear soaked stories of unfaithful boyfriends and girlfriends, and I’ve been present during many such transgressions.”


Noticing that I was going off on a tangent, I took pause. To my relief, the waitress walked up to offer us another drink and we both obliged. Our legs found each other under the table but we didn’t acknowledge them. Instead, we took in the beautiful Arizona weather and continued to feel each other out. I inquired about her dreams and plans and she did the same. Time flowed effortlessly as we lost ourselves in conversation. When the time came for us to depart, we vowed to meet again that evening after I tended to work and she refreshed herself with a nap. When we finally got up to leave, we entered into a long and intimate embrace. After which, I held onto her waist and stared into her eyes for several seconds. “It’s truly been a pleasure and I look forward to seeing you later.” She quivered and blushed at the statement. Christ, was she beautiful; so cute, and sophisticated, and sexy. This girl was more than she knew.


As I held onto that moment as long as I could, I felt her desire for me to kiss her. I wanted to kiss her more than anything but I refrained. We had already set plans for that evening and I figured it would be a solid move to deny this beauty early on to further build attraction. If only I knew at the time how flawed my thinking was; perhaps I would have chosen the more natural and beneficial path. In any case, we ended our embrace and left each other’s company in good spirits. I suppose I can really only speak for myself on this issue but I thought the whole thing went spectacularly well.


The next few hours of my life were spent working, but with a fully occupied mind. I could focus on nothing but her, and my motivation for the task at hand diminished quickly. Eventually, the busy work segment of my day had drawn to a close and I was free to refocus my attention on the recent subject of intrigue in my life.


We were to meet at Old Town Gringos and I was running late. Fortunately, she was too and when she arrived, the beauty behind the bar was handing me a whisky sour with a smile. After another refreshing embrace, I bought my girl a drink and we began the night. We interacted as a new couple do; laughing, and flirting, and such. Our conversations ran seamlessly as though rehearsed and even the semi-frequent interruptions of friends coming up to speak to me did nothing to throw off our groove. She was enchanted and I was intrigued. We hopped around from bar to bar and both of us drank, but only I seemed to be getting drunk.


As always in any situation that it matters, I did not become aware of the effects of multiple shots of whiskey bought by friends at different locations until it was too late. I recall being at Patties towards the end of the night with this beautiful, exotic, professional woman and yet, I was conversing with some fellow I see every week. I vaguely remember two shots of whiskey that I took but that she passed on at that bar. The unfortunate truth is, I had sabotaged the evening. The easy way to justify this would be to say that I didn’t really care. After all, it was just a date with some girl that I had just met, that doesn’t live here, and isn’t even moving here, so none of this matters anyway.


Yes, that would surely be the cool way to explain my lack of restraint when it came to the drink. What kind of man turns down a free shot of whiskey and so on. Alas, it would not be the truth; and what would be the point of writing a personal experience and then filling it with fabrication? The real truth, as I’ve come to understand it, is that I lost my cool. Although everything had been going well and there really was no dull or awkward moment to speak of, I felt an increasingly intense feeling of… I’m honestly not sure exactly. Perhaps it was not so much that I choked because of some particular feeling, but rather, because I was feeling anything at all. We had known each other for right around 12 hours and there were thoughts flowing through my head that I’d not experienced in years. girlfriend for the day stan collins


And perhaps, the combination of fresh feelings and the fact that she was due to leave in less than 48 hours, and that I would likely never see her again without some sort of coordinated effort, played a part in my self sabotaging actions. Who knows? Who cares, I suppose. The fact of the matter is that a beautiful human came into my life, we grew close and fell apart quickly, and here I am, three weeks later still writing about it. She’ll likely never see this and that’s just fine. I don’t have any pictures of her, nor did we connect on social media. I do, however, have her number and my memories of that day, although I’ll likely only ever use the latter. The whole “girlfriend for the day” routine, while a very interesting concept in theory, is not one that I would recommend in practice.

Time will tell if anything will every come of such encounters.


Stan Collins Boyd

Stanley Collins Boyd - Stan Collins

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