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Marketing, Research, Management


Stan Collins Boyd, the marketer, manager, writer, business developer, and investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona is searching for a career that is not only challenging, but that also offers the potential for exponential growth.

Over the past few years, I’ve supported myself by servicing clients in my marketing business, managing the marketing and incoming projects in the solar engineering firm that I’ve become a partner in, and by successfully trading stock options on my personal account.

My intent is to find a position at a company or organization that allows me to not only learn more, but that also presents an opportunity for me to build a lucrative career.

From my point of view, my top qualities include a natural thirst for knowledge and the ability to master new skills, a focused and complete dedication to the task at hand, and the ability to maintain my focus on the details necessary to achieve the desired outcome of any given goal or task presented to me.

In short, my best quality is my ability to quickly learn and master any particular task or concept that is presented to me. My current areas of focus are:

  • Writing – Most of my free time is spent researching various topics of interest and writing expositions. Furthermore, I have years of experience writing documentation for software platforms, company processes, procedures, and future goals.
  • Marketing Campaigns – Creating successful marketing campaigns online, through social media marketing, email marketing, text marketing, and direct mail has been one of my strongest suits.
  • Project Management – From processing residential solar design projects to overseeing several simultaneous multimedia marketing campaigns for multiple agents or clients, project management has become a major part of nearly every venture I’ve excelled at.
  • Research and Development – In addition to being a hobby of mine, researching interesting social or political topics, business models and strategy, and marketing and sales techniques is a specialty of mine.
  • Stock Market research, specifically pertaining to stocks options and analysis of the the companies behind the stocks.

Work History

Stock Options Trading (2016 – Present)

I currently spend a quarter of every weekday on research about stocks and stock options to buy, sell, and and write. This requires gaining information about, not only the structure of companies, but also their products, goals, execution, and the perceptions of said company by the market.

Skyfire Solar Design (2018 – present)

My role at Skyfire Solar Design is to maintain the website, create and execute marketing campaigns, and to manage all of the incoming business. I delegate projects to contractors that I’ve hired, and oversee the work that they produce.

App Partners LLC (2017 – 2018)

As a co-founder and head developer for App Partners, I focused mainly on designing and building mobile apps; most notably, Happy Hour AZ, which was an app that displayed bars and restaurants relative to the location of the user. I negotiated special deals with bars for users of the app, and created an advertising platform after getting several thousand downloads.

True North HDD (2015 – present)

My role as Marketing Director for True North HDD includes:

  • Building and managing the True North HDD website.
  • Adding new pieces of equipment and removing sold items several times each week.
  • Adding and updating listings on multiple international marketing outlets.
  • Creating and managing daily marketing campaigns to thousands of newsletter subscribers.
  • Creating and managing the sister brand of True North HDD, HDD Tool Shed.

Freelance Marketing Consultant (2012 – Present)

My expertise in the field of freelance marketing consists mostly of:

  • Website design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Support

Bedrock Financial Services, LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona

Marketing Consultant (July 2016 – March 2017)

  • I managed marketing efforts for over 40 agents. My tasks included:
    • Direct Mail campaigns
    • Email campaigns
    • Creation and management of multiple websites (company and agents)
    • Design and creation of marketing materials
  • Editor of the leading Federal Employee news channel, Public Sector Retirement (
  • Development and implementation of various financial software
  • Management of several teams of developers, web designers, and content writers
  • Working with agents to grow their practice. My duties included:
    • Calling prospective agents
    • Explaining the various marketing platforms that we offer
    • Signing new agents to the company
    • Helping current agents brand themselves
    • Creating leads for agents in their market
    • Helping agents close business with illustration and back office support
    • Many of the roles from the previous position as Implementation Specialist
    • *Brought in an average of 2 new agents each week.

Technology/Implementation Specialist (Sept 2015 – July 2016)

  • Creating a detailed set of goals and intentions for developers, and managing the process of creating software and programs with the intention of selling services to other financial companies and agents.
  • Initiating and setting up agents into our marketing and sales systems.


University of North Alabama, Florence, Alabama (2009 – 2013)

B.S.: Entertainment Industry and Management (Music Business, Audio Engineering)

Minors: Business Administration, Philosophy