The Freedom Experiment Part 2: Journey To The Ranch

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freedom experiment journey to the ranch

The Freedom Experiment Part 2: Journey To The Ranch One evening, after a week of indecision, interviews, drunken nights, and hungover mornings, I got an unexpected call from a friend. “Hey man, are you free for the next week?” “Well yeah, I suppose so,” I responded. Eight hours later, I was on my way to northern Nevada for what I would soon find out was a week of working on a secluded ranch on a … Read More

Angels, Aliens, or Gods by Stan Collins: Part 1

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Stan Collins Angels or Aliens

Angels, Aliens, or Gods by Stan Collins Part 1: Friends With Differing Opinions After reconnecting on Facebook, three friends decide to go on a camping trip to catch up after losing contact since college. They decide to go out to a heavily wooded area with a case of beer to begin the reunion. Little did they know, they would soon experience something that would change their lives and potentially alter their perception of the world. During their … Read More