Is Your Cultural and Political Bias Keeping You From Seeing The Truth?

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Is Your Cultural and Political Bias Keeping You From Seeing The Truth? Have you ever thought about why you believe the things you do? I think CNN and MSNBC are awful networks that purposely mislead people by twisting facts and often blatantly lying about what are actually pretty important issues. I believe this because I tune into those channels, in addition to, organizations on the right like Fox. More importantly, I also listen to alternative media … Read More

It’s Time We Had A Serious Conversation About Racism

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Time For A serious Conversation about Racism I know I’m going to ruffle some feathers with this one, but I think it is important to shine some light on what has undoubtedly been a very popular and controversial topic over the past year. With the rise of groups like Black Lives Matter and increased talk about neo-nazi’s and white supremacists, the issue of race has seemingly become a big problem in America. We all know … Read More

Meet Joy Villa, the Marketing Genius That Trolled the Grammy’s

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How Joy Villa Trolled the Grammy’s and Taught a Valuable Lesson About Marketing So I’m not going to lie, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s. Although I do consider myself a music guy, I couldn’t stand to watch another award show filled with political speeches from people who don’t seem to know much about the things they claim to support. Much to my surprise, it was actually someone on the right that made the only political … Read More

Finally an explanation! Gavin McInnes, Women’s March: Idiots duped by…

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Gavin McInnes Women's March Stan Collins

Gavin McInnes, Women’s March: Idiots duped by Muslim con artist So I’ve been thinking about the Women’s march that took place a few days ago and, honestly, I’m still not sure I understand what the point of it was. Surely, I can’t be the only person that was a bit confused about the concept of this “protest.” Was this a march for women’s rights or against Donald Trump? What rights do women not have again? … Read More

Thoughts on Trump’s Victory and the Aftermath

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Trump's victory Stan Collins

Hillary’s Desperate Final Attempt to Undermine Trump’s Victory – thoughts by Stan Collins I swore to myself that I’d stay out of the political conversations online. I made it through the Republican primaries when I realized Donald Trump actually was the best possible candidate and most other people just laughed at the idea. After Trump won in a spectacular fashion against 11 other candidates and became the Republican nominee, I hid my excitement from comment sections … Read More