The Effects of Victimhood on Society

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the effects of victimhood on society

The Effects of Victimhood on Society – Stan Collins   Everybody wants to be a victim. A ridiculous thing to long for from my point of view, but it seems that pop culture, and thus most of society, currently values being a victim over winning and becoming successful. When I was younger, we looked up to entrepreneurs. The whole idea was that we were in school to find out what we liked and then we … Read More

Intro To Controversial Topics by Stan Collins

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controversial topics by stan collins

I realized recently that I don’t write enough. Good ideas, great stories, and philosophical revelations come and go through the course of every day. After a long day of work and a couple of beers, I fell into relaxation and began to think. After a few minutes of discussing various controversial topics with Kristoff, we began to discuss the fact that these conversations would not be tolerated in the public forum. If I posted something along … Read More