The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix: Part 1 – Stan Collins

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the disaster that brought me to phoenix

The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix – Part 1 by Stan Collins I regained consciousness in a puddle of my own blood. I could see out of only my right eye and I feared for the worst. “Where the hell am I?” I was in a daze but managed to stand myself up while dripping blood into the makeshift bowl that I made with my hands. Through one blood-drenched eye, I looked around. There … Read More

Thoughts on Motivation, Life, and Money

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thoughts on motivation stan collins

Thoughts on motivation, life, and money – Stan Collins Boyd I haven’t done a post on my own blog in a while for lack of interesting topics in the world to write about. Knowing that it’s important for me to continue to write regularly, I decided to write about my thoughts tonight. After a long day of work, I began thinking about life and why we do what we do. Specifically, I was thinking about … Read More