The Effects of Victimhood on Society

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the effects of victimhood on society

The Effects of Victimhood on Society – Stan Collins   Everybody wants to be a victim. A ridiculous thing to long for from my point of view, but it seems that pop culture, and thus most of society, currently values being a victim over winning and becoming successful. When I was younger, we looked up to entrepreneurs. The whole idea was that we were in school to find out what we liked and then we … Read More

Thoughts On Wanting More and How To Get It

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stan collins thoughts on wanting more

I originally wrote this post in a brown leather traveler’s notebook which doubles as my wallet and business card holder. I used a Mont Blanc fountain pen and a custom blue-black mixture of ink that I extract from a little glass jar on my desk after every 10 pages or so. My reason for writing was nothing more than an excuse not to do the work that I had already tasked myself with. I found … Read More

A New Chapter in Life: Thoughts on Work, Life, and Goals

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thoughts on work

Thoughts on Work, Life, and Goals As many of my friends and followers of my writings and posts know, I’ve recently begun a transition period in life. Over the past year or so, I’ve done a lot of thinking about politics, culture, life, and relationships. I struggled to figure out what it is that I actually want out of life. When we were younger, we were taught to pay attention in class so that we … Read More

A Generation of Victims by Stan Collins

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a generation of victims stan collins

I’m not sure what caused it, but it seems like I’m living in a generation of victims. It used to be the case, long before my time, that people had some sense of confidence and strength. Now, however, many of my peers choose to play the victim in some silly attempt to gain sympathy from the people around them. As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I see nothing but politically correct posts about how … Read More

Intro To Controversial Topics by Stan Collins

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controversial topics by stan collins

I realized recently that I don’t write enough. Good ideas, great stories, and philosophical revelations come and go through the course of every day. After a long day of work and a couple of beers, I fell into relaxation and began to think. After a few minutes of discussing various controversial topics with Kristoff, we began to discuss the fact that these conversations would not be tolerated in the public forum. If I posted something along … Read More