The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix: Part 2

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stan collins the disaster phoenix

The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix: Part 2 “Wow, you really banged yourself up good pal,” the doctor attempted to make conversation to take my mind off what he probably assumed was the painful procedure that I was enduring. “Yeah, I guess so,” I muttered weakly. I was in no mood for conversation. I wanted only to wallow and then, hopefully, figure out some sort of solution. As the doctor finished up and presented … Read More

The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix: Part 1 – Stan Collins

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the disaster that brought me to phoenix

The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix – Part 1 by Stan Collins I regained consciousness in a puddle of my own blood. I could see out of only my right eye and I feared for the worst. “Where the hell am I?” I was in a daze but managed to stand myself up while dripping blood into the makeshift bowl that I made with my hands. Through one blood-drenched eye, I looked around. There … Read More

First Day in Phoenix Part 2: A Pleasant Turn of Events

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I left off talking about how we had arrived in Phoenix with no place to live, an overpriced, low quality rental car, and missing the suitcase I had packed all of my pants. We took comfort in the thought that it couldn’t get any worse. You would think we would have learned by now. At this point on our first day in Phoenix, we were several hundred dollars over budget, unsure of were we would … Read More

First Day In Phoenix Part 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events

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I had never been more excited than when I got on the plane to Phoenix. Despite the fact that I had only slept for maybe two hours before getting up and heading to the airport, I had never felt more alive. After picking up Chris, we boarded the airplane and flew out. In retrospect, we probably should have secured a place to live and a mode of transportation before flying across the country with the last … Read More

Moving To Phoenix

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Two weeks from now, I should 30,000 feet in the air and en route to Phoenix, Arizona. I was first introduced to Phoenix about two months ago when Mosaic Sales Solutions flew me out to do some marketing work for a client (Walmart). I had the time of my life in the three days that I was out there. When I stepped off of the plane the temperature was 90 degrees, but unlike 90 in … Read More