The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix: Part 2

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stan collins the disaster phoenix

The Disaster That Brought Me To Phoenix: Part 2 “Wow, you really banged yourself up good pal,” the doctor attempted to make conversation to take my mind off what he probably assumed was the painful procedure that I was enduring. “Yeah, I guess so,” I muttered weakly. I was in no mood for conversation. I wanted only to wallow and then, hopefully, figure out some sort of solution. As the doctor finished up and presented … Read More

Girlfriend For The Day – Stan Collins

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stan collins girlfriend for the day

Girlfriend For The Day – Stan Collins It was around 1pm on a Saturday afternoon when I reluctantly rolled myself out of bed for a business meeting at Hula’s Modern Tiki. I was restless, and drunk, and tired from a long night of excess. Indeed, the debauchery continued well into the morning and I had gotten only a handful of hours as a result of it. I didn’t bother with a shower. Instead, I splashed … Read More

The Freedom Experiment Part 2: Journey To The Ranch

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freedom experiment journey to the ranch

The Freedom Experiment Part 2: Journey To The Ranch One evening, after a week of indecision, interviews, drunken nights, and hungover mornings, I got an unexpected call from a friend. “Hey man, are you free for the next week?” “Well yeah, I suppose so,” I responded. Eight hours later, I was on my way to northern Nevada for what I would soon find out was a week of working on a secluded ranch on a … Read More

How My Online Resume Helped Me Start A New Life

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personal website

Personal Websites and the Effects of an Online Resume I was 24 at the time and living in small town Alabama when it all began. I had a small marketing company servicing a handful of local clients (nothing by today’s standards) when I began taking on outside marketing gigs. One such gig involved promoting a new program for one of the nation’s largest companies, Walmart. My job was to entice local consumers to order their … Read More

Thoughts On Wanting More and How To Get It

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stan collins thoughts on wanting more

I originally wrote this post in a brown leather traveler’s notebook which doubles as my wallet and business card holder. I used a Mont Blanc fountain pen and a custom blue-black mixture of ink that I extract from a little glass jar on my desk after every 10 pages or so. My reason for writing was nothing more than an excuse not to do the work that I had already tasked myself with. I found … Read More