The Importance of Being Seen

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Society Florence Stan Collins

Society Florence Stan Collins

This really goes without saying, but going out, being seen, and meeting people is the absolute best way to build a network.

At the surface, this is an incredibly simple statement; one that most would consider common sense. Yet, people that are interested in building a network for business, or even just a network of friends, don’t spend time out. By spending time out, I don’t mean the regular things that most people do like going to the gym or the grocery store. What I mean when I say ‘going out’ is being in places that people go to for fun like bars, clubs, parties, and other social events.


If you are out all the time, you will get noticed. I realized this in college when I began frequenting the bars downtown. Some nights, I didn’t really feel like going out, but I did so anyway because I knew that meeting people would be important for anything that I planned on doing in the future. This theory has proven correct many times in my life. Most of the business I’ve done has come from meeting someone in a bar on a Friday or Saturday night. Going out for me is more than just having fun at a bar; it is business.


I realize that most people have daily obligations and are used to going to sleep at a decent hour during the week and maybe going out for a short time on the weekends. However, I suggest making a habit of going somewhere everyday. You never know who you will run into. Furthermore, you never know how you will be able to benefit from someone or vice-versa. Anyone you meet out could be your future boss or employee. For this reason, you should always remember the importance of going out and being seen.


Remember, it’s not just about having fun. It’s business.


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