Thoughts on Trump’s Victory and the Aftermath

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Trump's victory Stan Collins

Hillary’s Desperate Final Attempt to Undermine Trump’s Victory – thoughts by Stan Collins

I swore to myself that I’d stay out of the political conversations online. I made it through the Republican primaries when I realized Donald Trump actually was the best possible candidate and most other people just laughed at the idea. After Trump won in a spectacular fashion against 11 other candidates and became the Republican nominee, I hid my excitement from comment sections of amazed and disappointed Facebook posts. At no point did I ever doubt that Donald Trump would win the election, but even still, I did not gloat publicly about Trump’s victory.

So what could move me to words after such a long period of silence on what I’ve considered very serious topics? That would be the realization that a rather powerful group of people in the country have gone from whining in the streets and on social media to staging a full on coup d’état.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an embarrassing series of failed attacks on the legitimacy of President-Elect Trump’s victory. First, there was the post-election riots that broke out all across the country where social justice warriors gathered in major cities to cry and destroy things to protest the system in which America has always chosen its president. This ridiculous attempt to sway the public that Hillary should be president obviously failed quickly.

Then began the death threats against electors and Jill Stein’s recount scam. Unsurprisingly, Jill Stein won’t be giving back the millions of dollars she raised to recount the votes in certain states despite the fact that her requests were blocked in both Pennsylvania and Michigan. In Wisconsin, Trump’s vote actually went up!

Next, the mainstream media was filled with stories about “fake news.” The idea was that fake news channels were puttingfake news denies Trump's victory out information to discredit Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. This plan backfired because by calling out channels such as Infowars and Breitbart, the mainstream media turned the attention to sources of information that could not be found on the traditional news outlets. If you have never actually looked into what someone is trying desperately to discredit, then you have no business talking about it. Rational people have begun to research the things that television tells them not to look at and the “Fake News” narrative is falling apart.

Why Trump’s Victory was not a result of Russian Hackers

After multiple failed attempts, the left has brought out the big guns, Russian Hackers. Nevermind the fact that the CIA has repeatedly stated that Russia was definitely not behind the DNC hacks, the top stories of the past few days have been all about how Russia has intervened in America’s election. This unproven claim is absurd on many different levels.

Furthermore, no one is disputing the legitimacy of the emails that were released by Wikileaks. Instead, the argument seems to be that, because the true information of the crimes and corruption the Democratic National Convention has committed has been exposed, that they should somehow get to redo the election. Really take a moment to think about the absurdity of the left’s stance:

“The Russians broke into our server and released emails about our terrible and illegal crimes. Therefore, we should be in control of America.”

It astonishes me that these blatant attempts to unwind a presidential election in America aren’t met with mass disgust. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, is actually gathering electoral college voters and demanding that the CIA personally speaks to each member of the electoral college. This last minute attempt to undermine democracy in America will surely fail like all of the other recent schemes, however, the fact the people aren’t up in arms about this is what worries me. 

I’ve decided to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is a result of people not yet seeing all of the information rather than people seeing facts and then discarding them because they don’t fit “popular mainstream” narrative.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if they haven’t done the research, does their opinion really mean anything?

What are your thoughts on Trump’s victory and the aftermath? Debate is welcome.


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