A New Chapter in Life: Thoughts on Work, Life, and Goals

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thoughts on work

Thoughts on Work, Life, and Goals

As many of my friends and followers of my writings and posts know, I’ve recently begun a transition period in life. Over the past year or so, I’ve done a lot of thinking about politics, culture, life, and relationships. I struggled to figure out what it is that I actually want out of life. When we were younger, we were taught to pay attention in class so that we can get good grades so that we can get into a good college. When we are in college, we are supposed to study a field that will eventually allow us to get good jobs and hopefully make a lot of money. When you get a good job, you start a family and when you have a well paying job and a family, you will live happily ever after.

thoughts on workI don’t mean to knock this course of action as I know that many people follow it and I’m sure plenty of people find it a very fulfilling life. I realized, however, that it wasn’t necessarily a plan that I could find satisfying. There is so much that I want and so much that I want to do and experience. I realized that if I stayed on the suggested path, I just might find happiness and contentment, but at what cost? And so I took the leap. I left a good job that would probably have turned into a good career. I could probably have made a good deal of money and bought another beautiful Porsche. With no shortage of beautiful women in this town, I’m sure I could find a lady and settle down. The 911 might have become a Cayenne instead, and the Old Town bachelor pad might have become a small house in a neighborhood a bit off the scene, but it would be nice and safe life. Perhaps this will still be the case, it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

But what of my dreams and goals? The idea of missing out on the experiences that I’ve always longed for was too much for me to bear. While at my job, I learned about marketing and sales and building work relationships, all good things. However, in the weeks since being on my own, I’ve learned about life and freedom. There is still plenty of ‘work’ in my life, but now there is also reading, writing, music, parties, and friends. I always thought it was money that we are after and now I know that we were wrong. Money is still necessary, but freedom is what we should really strive for.

Thoughts On Work

Interaction NetworkingI’ve often said that you should only work a regular 9-5 if you love it or it pays for the life you want. Now I’m finally taking my own advice and it’s great, I’ve never been so stress-free. It is no doubt scary, but not much compares to the freedom of setting your own schedule and making the time to read, and workout, and live life. Inspired by the works or Charles Bukowski, I’ve begun writing what will hopefully become my first novel. I’ve written the first part of a networking and relationships book which can be found here. I’ve also written countless pages on cultural and political issues that I intend of sharing on this blog and on Youtube soon. I’ve dusted off the guitar and begun to get back into my original passion of music. And finally, I’ve put together a couple of solid marketing systems for people in sales, entrepreneurs, musicians, bands, and artists. Time will tell if anything ever comes of the writing, music, or marketing systems., but at the very least, I intend on having a hell of a time trying.

My advice, for whatever it’s worth, is to pursue your goals and dreams before it is too late and you get trapped in a world of continuous work, void of fun and experiences. It will probably be hard at first and you might not ever succeed, but at least you can go to bed at night knowing that you tried. And if all else fails and you find yourself broke and alone, well there’s always the post office, I hear they’ll hire anybody.


-Stan Collins

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