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My Dear Black brothers and sisters, You’ve Been Deceived

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My dear black brothers and sisters, you’ve been deceived. 

I was never really political until a few years ago, as I imagine is the case for most people in their 20s; and when I began to think about society and politics, I was drawn to the left. There are no facts or studies that I know of to back this up, but I think that most people start as liberals. On paper it makes perfect sense. The picture that was painted for me was that liberalism is the good party, the party that looks out for the little guy. Being a liberal meant that you had an open mind and great intentions. It meant that you were a virtuous and caring human that stood for objectively good things like equal rights and taking care of those that are less fortunate than ourselves. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it also meant that you were bound to the Democratic party. 

It isn’t difficult to see how a young person that is beginning to take an interest in social or political issues would naturally gravitate to the left. Most would probably not identify as Democrats, but would have no problem proudly stating that they are a liberal or progressive. 

So far this all checks out; however, things get a bit more complicated upon further examination when considering the collective behavior of most black people. When I was young, I overheard a conversation amongst adults that strongly emphasized loyalty to the Democrats. At the time, all I thought I knew about politics was that everyone involved were either Democrats or Republicans; so when I heard two adults, both of whom were black, talking about their love for Democrats, I began to wonder why. “So, why should we be loyal to Democrats?” Both men let out patronizing laughs and one responded, “because we’re black!”

To be honest, I don’t recall the exact words from that encounter, but the message that I took from it has stuck with me and has since, for the most part, proven to be true. There are exceptions to every rule, but stereotypes are a thing for a reason. For whatever reason, it happens to be the case that black people are usually Democrats. 

Now, if I were to look at this idea under the perspective of today, this stereotype could be easily explained away due to the fact that nearly every famous actor, musician, rapper, or talk show host are liberals, or progressives, or leftists; but they are all really just Democrats. As a result of nearly all of the media that most people consume being left-leaning, a lot of young people are going to be drawn to it, regardless of race. While I do believe that there is some merit to this idea, it doesn’t explain why such a large percentage of black Americans are Democrats. 

If you are a black person (or any person really) that supports Biden, or any candidate that isn’t Donald Trump, do you know why? 

The assumption is that black people tend to lean left because the Democratic party is the only one that cares about black people. That sounds reasonable, and if true, is certainly a good reason for being a Democrat; but is that actually the case? I became very curious about this idea and decided to do some research on the Democratic party in America. What I found shocked me.

Historically, the Democratic party has been the leading force behind almost every negative thing that has happened to black people in this country. It was the Democrats that fought the rest of the country because they wanted to keep their slaves. The Republican party was literally founded on the idea that slavery should be abolished. Seriously, Google “why was the republican party formed?” It was Democrats that attempted to filibuster the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Even beyond rights for blacks, the Republican party supported women’s right to vote in 1854; the reason it didn’t pass until 1920 is because the Democrats didn’t want it. 

These are the facts. So why then, do so many people consider themselves to be progressive, liberal, Democrats when that party is (and always has been) the antithesis of what the people are supposedly fighting for? 

My theory is that most people don’t really care about politics or social issues outside of their immediate world. Assuming that this is the case, if the news station that is on in every airport, and every celebrity ,or entertainer, or rapper, and every late night talk show host all agree that Democrats stand for everything that is good, and that Trump stands for everything that is bad; it becomes clear why the average person would take this stance. 

In the spirit of transparency, I think it is important to note that I did not vote for Barack Obama, but if I did vote, I would have. Not because I believed in his policies, and not even because he was a Democrat and I was a black man, if I gave a damn about politics at the time, I would have voted for Barack Obama because he was a black dude. Again, I don’t have any statistics or legitimate sources for this next statement; but I believe that almost every black person that voted for Obama did so for the sole reason that he was black. I don’t imagine that many black people would disagree with me on that statement, and that doesn’t make it right, but honestly I think we all know that it’s true. 

The internal issue that I face is that I completely understand why black people would vote for Obama without understanding, or even caring in many cases, what he stood for. It was potentially the first black president, I get it. What I don’t understand is why anyone (but specifically black people) would blindly follow the lead of the Democrats when history shows that they are the enemy of black people. It is bizarre to me that anyone that claims to stand for equal rights among races and women’s rights would ever stand behind a Democrat. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Realistically, I do actually understand how this twisted reality came to be; but my goal is to get you, the reader, intrigued enough to search for the answers yourself. If any of this truly matters to you, is it not best that you have all of the pertinent information before deciding where you land?

Every top headline that emerges and finds its way to our Facebook and news feeds has at least two different meanings depending on where you get your information. The best way to combat this is to watch or read CNN’s take on the story and then watch Fox’s take. Regardless of which side you find yourself on, it is vital to learn the perspective of both sides. To take it a step further, the absolute best thing to do is to follow both extremes and then hear what the independent, third party news sources on Youtube think. 

The truth isn’t always comfortable to hear, but you’re always better off knowing.

Are you a black Democrat? If so, do you know why? Can you back it up? Personally, I don’t care what you think. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, if you have no facts or information to back your opinion, then what is it really worth? 


-Stan Collins Boyd

The Sickness of Society and the Rise of the Virtuous Ones

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Why do you believe the things that you do?

The sickness is all around us. Some are immune, but they’ll never know it. Instead, they’ll sit in fear as they watch every other person around them get sick. The vast majority of those infected will recover after a week of hell, and the healthiest person in the group will die from drowning. 

And every other person on any given Facebook feed will post opinions for or against the reality of coronavirus, and every post will miss the point. Maybe a third of the posts will be backed by information from a “legitimate” source, and perhaps half of those sources will have information that is partially true. The problem, of which I don’t have a solution, is that each person that posts information will do so with the idea that they are correct and the opposing idea is clearly wrong. In this new world of collective anger and anxiety, posting anything that suggests agreement for a certain point of view will surely be passionately contested by someone. And when this occurs, there will form two sides that both think that they are correct and that the opposing ideology is wrong; but not just wrong, absurd, unintelligent, immoral. 

So how does a society divided amongst moral and logical lines reconcile itself? I hope the answer isn’t that it can’t; but my hope is wearing thin. I’m only slightly less guilty than those I criticize. I’ve got my opinions on the sickness, and the actual impact of racism in this country, and the relevance of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the effect of a second term for President Trump; and for every one of my opinions is a list of logical arguments and sources to back them up. 

In some circles, my ideas are so obvious that they aren’t even worth mentioning lest the conversation devolve into the dreaded intellectual circle jerk where everyone states their shared beliefs amongst like-minded people. On the other hand, the vast majority of my family, peers, and acquaintances under the age of 40 would cringe, and in some cases, become overly-emotional and agitated at the thought that someone that they know personally could feel such a way. 

The intensity of the reactions that I’ve encountered, both for and against my train of thought was such that I became fully committed to understanding the reasoning behind it all. As someone that tends to lean to the right on most social and political topics, the extremes of that side were easier to understand. Highly contested topics such as the idea that racism and oppression against blacks in our country is a serious issue sounds absurd to me; but that is nothing new to many that lean right.

Conversely, those on the left that I’ve spoken with about such topics are so confident in their position that the very thought of someone disagreeing with them is seen as a personal attack on their core beliefs, or rather, an attack on them personally. 

Ultimately, the problem with debates on the aforementioned hot topics of today is that both parties are usually starting from separate premises. For instance, a Black Lives Matter activist might think something along the lines of, “‘Most police officers are racist. Racism is bad, therefore, police should be abolished.” The reasoning behind such a claim in this scenario might  be, “Cops are murdering unarmed black people regularly, look at George Floyd. Look at Ahmad Arbury. Look at Breonna Taylor.” From the point of view of the person that sees their Facebook feed filled with angry articles and outrage over the unjust killings of black people by white police officers; it isn’t difficult to see why they might believe that this is a significant issue worthy of riots and social unrest. Afterall, the newest lasting trend of the 21st century is victimhood. 

The skeptical, yet open-minded individual might question the reasoning and motives behind the Black Lives Matter movement and turn to Google to seek out answers for themselves. It won’t take long for the person that is asking the right questions to find definitive answers in this age of infinite information at our fingertips. Nearly all of the highly publicized cases on which Black Lives Matter has built its global brand fall apart upon examination. In fact, in nearly every case of a black person being killed by a police officer in the past year, the black person was either armed or actively fighting against the police when they were killed. 

It is important to note that every case is different, and I don’t doubt that there was some foul play in some of those scenarios; however, the fact remains that in almost every single case, the “innocent, unarmed black person” was indeed committing a crime and was also breaking what should be considered the golden rule when dealing with police officers –– don’t resist arrest or attempt to harm the cops. If they are wrong, well that’s what the court system is for.

This concept, which seems so simple and straightforward to me, and what I assume is the majority of citizens in this country, is nothing short of racist and would warrant the harshest of responses from more than half of the millenials that I know, as well as, a decent amount of people in the generation that preceded me. 

It was because of this realization that I arrived at what I find to be the root of the problem. Those that see racism and oppression as a major issue in our society (the left), start from the premise that minorities are oppressed because of systemic racism. Conversely, the group that opposes this ideology (the right), bases their arguments on the idea that America is a country where anyone, regardless of race or upbringing, has the opportunity to succeed. The American dream.

The result of any debate between passionate participants of either ideology will almost always be inconclusive because neither side will be able to relate to the arguments of the other. One side holds its beliefs based on the idea that the world is a certain way, while the other will disagree because they have a fundamentally different view of the world. 

It reminds me of something some history teacher from middle school once said in regards to war. “Both sides think that they are fighting for a just cause and, in most cases, both sides believe in and pray to a God; but in the end, one side always wins and one side always loses, regardless of who was actually right.” 

My fear is that we have come to the point where the country is irreversibly divided. Each side believes that they are not only correct, but also the virtuous ones. The most likely outcome that I foresee is some form of civil war. I hope that I am wrong, but I believe that our society is on the brink of collapse due to fundamental differences in opinion on the most important of topics. 

I don’t doubt that many of the Black Lives Matter supporters came to be out of good intentions. However, I also don’t think the vast majority of them realize how extreme things have become as a result of it. Several blocks of a major city in America has been seized, dozens of innocent people have been killed and seriously injured during protests, police forces in major cities known for high crime rates have stopped coming to work resulting in rampant violent crime, the likes of which we’ve never seen in this country. Innocent people have been locked up for daring to go to work while criminals that stole and destroyed property have been set free with all charges dropped. Statues and monuments of the very people that fought to end slavery, and even memorials erected specifically for black people have been vandalized and destroyed. Decades old brands that showcased black people that started as slaves and went on to become successful in life are being erased. 

The cause of the recent protests and subsequent riots that are, and have been, occurring across much of America over the past few weeks was one that nearly every American could get behind. We all saw the video of George Floyd pleading for his dead mother with his dying breaths, and everyone was in agreement that it was a bad thing. For a brief moment, I was even optimistic that this tragic event might bring both sides together for once; and yet somehow, we found a way to hate each other while actually being in agreement.

Going back to the first major 2020 point of division, the spread of coronavirus, our nation remains divided. Not only do we fight about how to handle the outbreak, our country is even divided about the very existence of this century’s first worldwide pandemic. Some believe the whole thing is a hoax. I assume those people have not experienced a death in the family as a result of it. Others believe that Covid-19 is equivalent to the modern plague. Many of those that hold this opinion believe that everyone should be forced to stay inside or be forced to wear a mask if they dare to go out into the world. There are people that believe that the country should have never been locked down, and there are those that believe the lockdown should not have been lifted. Many participants of each ideology could pull up reasons from what they consider to be a credible source as justification for their beliefs; and indeed, each source would be considered legitimate; and yet, each “credible” source presents a different opinion. 

So, what are we to make of this mess? This truly is a strange time. How can you blame someone for having a strong belief in something that not only seems like the moral and ethical move, but that is also backed up by the source that they, and millions of others consider to be the authority on the subject? Even those that know nothing of whatever the topic at hand might be can look to one side or another and feel comfortable in their decision. It’s easy to justify your position when millions of people are on your side. 

At a certain point, the truth of any given matter ceased to be as important as the group that supported it. This was the start of our downfall. When political correctness overtook reason, and when loyalty to a group, be it racial or political, became more important than truth, those who dared share opinions on public forums were forced to take sides. The sad result of this was that we as a nation, as a people, became divided. The escalation of our collective discontent for the opposition led to chaos in our country and dissent on every major issue that we have faced. 

I don’t have all of the answers, I doubt any one human does; but until we can find a way to get on the same page and communicate our concerns and issues, we are destined for mutually assured destruction.

As is the case with every piece of published opinion, I fully acknowledge that my views come with some level of bias. With that being said, it should be considered that my opinions are formed as a result of careful analysis of multiple news sources on all sides of the political spectrum. Furthermore, I find it beneficial to frequent the top tweets and ensuing comments from relevant parties. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion; but if they haven’t done the research, that opinion isn’t worth much.

Thoughts on the George Floyd Protests – What happened to morality?

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They locked everyone up in their houses for two months and then said, you can leave the house now if you riot in the streets.

And if you riot in the streets, you won’t get in trouble because you’ll be “fighting for injustice.”

And so thousands of people across America proceeded to go out at night and break into businesses, and steal merchandise, and burn buildings, and destroy other people’s cars. 

And when it became cool to riot and destroy things, people forgot about right and wrong. 

It seems that nobody bothered to question why it was suddenly okay to destroy other people’s property.

“We are protesting injustice,” they said. “We are fighting oppression.” Nevermind the fact that the cop that killed George Floyd is already in jail and facing murder charges. 

“Cops are constantly killing innocent black people,” they said. Nevermind the fact that more white people are killed by cops than black people every single year; and that in the vast majority of those cases, the black person that died was, not only breaking the law, but also fighting a person with a gun that is legally allowed to shoot and kill anyone that attacks them.

What about when, in the same city that Floyd was killed, an unarmed white lady was killed by a black cop? That was only a couple of years ago. 

This is not about racism. It isn’t about police brutality. It’s not about fighting oppression. 

What we are seeing is what happens when you force people to stay home for months and then tell them that the world is against black people; and if you are black you should show the world how angry you are, and if you are white you should take to the streets to prove you aren’t racist, and everybody gets a free pass so long as you vote Democrat.

I hope that the vast majority of people supporting the rioting and looting are doing it because they simply don’t know any better. I hope it is the case that they haven’t seen the numbers disproving the myth that black people are being unfairly targeted on a large scale. I hope that supporters of this destruction are just ignorant, because the alternative is that they are just bad people. 

It wasn’t that long ago that we all agreed that stealing, and destroying property, and attacking innocent people in the streets were all immoral things. 

I pray to God that people find their morals before this country, our country lay in ruins.