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Officially, my name is Stanley Collins Boyd the third, but I go by Stan Collins (or Staniel to some). Among other things, I’m a marketing consultant for financial professionals, I write stories, make music, and dabble in stock options and crypto. I’m currently based in Scottsdale, was born in St. Louis, and raised outside of Huntsville, Alabama. I’ve got a background in marketing, sales, branding, advertising, web and app development, stock options, music production, and minor experience in countless other areas.

During the week, I help financial professionals get more leads and perfect their online presence. After work, I spend most of my time bowling and working on various side-projects. On the weekends, when I’m not exploring the town, I make music and write articles on life, politics, and society, as well as, poems and short stories about the debauchery of Old Town Scottsdale and other random topics.

My guilty pleasures include scouring Youtube for short documentaries on everything from business and technology, to the latest social trends that the general population is currently gushing over, to the vast rabbit hole of “conspiracy theories” that may or may not have any substance….. Also, The Guilded Age on HBO Max.

At the risk of sounding crass, I’m of the mindset that anyone (at least in America) has the opportunity to achieve whatever they want if they are resourceful enough to figure out how. If you can’t afford the things you want, go find a way to make more money. With that being said, I don’t work the job I do for money, but rather, because it is one of my passions, and I’m damn good at it.

Some of my other interests and passions will be highlighted on this website. This site is meant to serve as an outlet to share my thoughts, music, business, and life updates, so feel free to look around. 


Stan Collins Boyd

Stan Collins Boyd

stan collins marketing

Stan Collins Marketing and Business Development

Digital Marketing

With over 15 years of digital marketing experience in multiple industries, Stan Collins knows how to generate leads. Reach out to see if your project or business could benefit from a custom-tailored marketing campaign.

Market Research

The future is here. With how quickly A.I. has evolved over the past two years, the world is in the beginning stages of a major change. How those changes affect business is a question that Stan Collins is constantly looking into. We all benefit from sharing knowledge and insights; subscribe to the blog and feel free to send a message anytime.

Online Branding

Stan Collins is an expert in the art of online branding. Learn how to improve your credibility online to increase your client-facing business, bolster your resume, or to promote your brand.

Product Development

When it comes to launching new web or mobile apps, unique aircraft, music and art projects, and many other traditional and unique business ventures, Stan Collins can market it successfully.

Creative Projects

Do you have a good idea about a new website, app, event, business, music project, commercial, etc.? Stan Collins is all about creative new endeavors. Send a message to start the conversation.

Websites and Social Media

Building your brand requires a solid website and active social media accounts. Stan Collins can build your website, consistently create content, and automate your social media. Don’t waste time thinking about marketing, focus your brand or business.

Random Content

A Few Highlights

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A collection of business posts, short stories, poems, and random thoughts from Stan Collins.

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